Editing Online

Learning to Edit Outdoor Images

Learn to edit with Stevie Cruz Photography. You will see Stevie editing backlit and Green grass settings from start to finish. Her quick and simple process is explained via video format and you will be added to a private mentoring group online for ongoing discussions. Through the online editing course, you will see an overview of how I would edit a photo from a typical outdoor session. I will show you my process of manually editing in ACR and final tweaks in Photoshop (I use CS6). 

Mentorships is done via online videos. I often add more content throughout the months so you have continued growth. I never want a mentee overwhelmed so I encourage you to watch little by little, so you can take in all the information. This is especially awesome if you are a visual learner. You can see what I am doing as I do it and I talk you through everything and of course you have the group to post any questions or feedback on your own images. 

I Love the editing you did!! I've always been a fan and totally admire you as a person & photographer. - Amanda Kincade, Captured by Kincade Photography

I just love these!! Editing has always been the hardest for me and I feel like this is just the style I am looking to achieve.  Kelli Oakes

What you will need:

Photoshop CC. (You do not need CC for these mentorships, but it is highly recommended it. I also recommend basic knowledge of Photoshop; such as Layers and brushes along with how they are used)

*Learn how I bring out the rich, vibrant colors to help make your images pop using simple techniques in ACR and Photoshop. While I won’t be editing in Lightroom, most of the tools available in Lightroom thus you should be able to replicate the keystrokes)

*As part of the mentoring, you will have access to a PRIVATE Facebook group to share images, ask questions, and receive feedback. To purchase a mentorship use this link to check out and pay online. You will receive an email with directions after you complete the purchase to get enrolled in the private group.

This is soooooo awesome and you are awesome for creating this. I swear its one thing after the next is better with you! Seriously these are amazing, I have a session I haven’t started editing yet but now I can’t wait. Giella Barbara Photography

Editing Online

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