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Learning To Master a Family Workflow Workshop

Do you have a desire for learning to shoot consistently during a family session all while creating emotional and engaging images that are eye catching? Well lets Chat! I LOVE Photography and I love inspiring others. As a mom I appreciate the connection of family and want to capture those moments, I feel there is a place for the 'all eyes at camera' moment but my heart is pulled to the other in-between moments. Both types of pictures have a place in my heart. I am here to encourage and inspire you all while teaching you my workflow! During this workshop I will teach you how to achieve results you will love. I will teach you about location scouting, white balance, camera angles, camera settings, editing workflow and more! Tell me you are not excited about learning to *rock* your family sessions?!

Come master your camera with me

"Ever need that little push to succeed in your business? Stevie has done just that for me!!! Mentoring with her for family photography exceeded my expectations. She is full of knowledge and helpful tips. Was given the opportunity to photograph 2 gorgeous, fully stylized families. I walked away with technique that makes editing a breeze! Stevie's coaching will forever change my outdoor photography. Thank you Stevie!!!!!" -- Jessica De La Rosa

"The "aha" moment for me today was creating the blurry background. I couldn't wait to get home and try it out at home. I have a lot of practicing to do, and I'm really excited to get started tomorrow in some natural light! Thanks Stevie!!"  -- Leslie P.

"Thanks so much for the awesome class today Stevie! Can't wait to order my prime lens and start practicing for reals" -- Jennifer R.

"Thank you so much for today! Looking forward to learning more from you in the future!" -- Becca A.

January 18th & 19th
February 19th & 20th
March 20th & 21st
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