Newborn Photographer Mentoring

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Are you looking to grow as a photographer? Are you missing that one “piece” to making your business soar? I am excited to announce that I will being mentoring in studio and welcome you to join. Of course who doesn’t love the feeling of inspiring others? Mentoring sessions are tailored to the aspiring photographer. I often have inquiries asking questions about my branding, which camera I use, how I started my photography business or various other aspects of photography. The 2-day workshop focused on newborn posing and business aspects of the career. Many that follow my journey will agree that I am an open-book. When you sit and chat with me you will have the chance to get to know me and my passion. I will share with you what did and didn’t work when starting out. During the workshop attendees have the change to discuss unlimited topics including: camera equipment & lenses, workflow, post-processing, vendors, branding, marketing, portfolio critiques etc. To find out more about SCP Mentoring click below or email #SCPMentoring

GROUP DATES in Orange County, California:
(All classes are 2 days in studio)
January 17th & 18th
February 6th & 7th
March 29th & 30th

Learn to pose newborns

"Best workshop experience EVER! You will not regret this Investment! Stevie is great at explaining detail by detail posing techniques, posing transitions, and any business questions you may have...they share it all! Best decision I ever made! Don't wait, book now!" --Vanessa

Newborn Photographer Mentoring

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