Sunrise Family Pictures with Kids

Sunrise Family Pictures with Kids can seem overwhelming. BUT let me tell you how great they are. You as the mom, get to wake with fresh coffee and get yourself ready while your littles sleep. Sounds amazing right, sure its early but its worth it. Plus the sunrise sessions still allow time for dad to trot off to work and kids to school leaving you prepped and pampered for the day. Im tell you family sessions can be well worth the early wake up.


Family sessions are some of the most precious, sentiment shoots I get the honor to capture as a photographer. The thing I love most about them is being able to document and show the love and affection these families hold for each other through photography. It’s what makes being a family photographer so special, and sweet families like this one are what make my job so special to me.


I love to do family sessions in my studio, but I just love the natural serenity the glow and natural background the outdoors gives us for shoots like these during Sunrise. Holding the session outside in an area near my studio here in Southern California allows for me to capture you and your family during that beautiful golden hour or at sunrise as in the case here, and it makes the photos glow with beauty and love.

These pretty locations were made for moments like these! Another big factor that goes into making family sessions successfully tie together is the clothes. I cannot stress enough how important it is that the clothes, patterns, styles, colors, and accessories all tie in to compliment each other. It is so pleasing to the eye and takes that family factor even further. I loved being able to see the love these sweet girls have for their parents in this session, too. Not only do we get the honor of seeing that relationship in this session, but Mom and Dad’s and the sister bond. A sibling bond is like no other. Sisters are built in best friends that grow as people together, and have fun doing it all the while.They’re there when nobody else is and will always be there to play! These sisters looked too precious int heir skirts and dresses, I can’t get enough of them! Book one of these priceless family sessions with me today.

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