Southern California Family Backlit Pictures

This session was photographed near me in a beautiful, natural area of Anaheim Hills. You will immediately notice the gorgeous, warm sunshine that this Southern California area seems to offer at all times of the year! As a photographer, I am truly blessed to be based in an area with such natural beauty. Sunlight gives these sweet pictures a little something extra. A lot of times, the natural background can tie a shoot in and show the love and warmth in the pictures. These pictures are the perfect example of this. Southern California Family Backlit Pictures A session like this can be used just for fun or for a milestone session! Milestone sessions have a theme and clearly display what we aim to show off about the client’s milestone celebration.

Children grow up so fast that I cannot express how important pictures are to document. The pictures captured are gorgeous to hang around your house, keep in albums, print on canvases, give as gifts, and the best to look back and reflect on the memory. As a parent I love to look back and remember these times clearly from my photographs.

Southern California Family Pictures

I don’t pose the babies. Capturing them as they naturally play and smile is so much more natural and sweet to look back on than is a posed picture. It’s when I really get all the giggles and smiles in the pictures. Speaking of, of course we all love the cute smiles and giggles caught in a picture, but I especially love the serious shots too- they are actually my favorite. This little girl’s little expressions and big eyes made this session so cute!

Southern California Backlit Pictures

An important part of family photography session are the clothing choices, the wardrobe is essential. I like to help family’s choose their color and outfit so they coordinate well. I have outfits available for the kids to use in the shoots and even a professional hair and makeup artist for you mommies! Browse more family photography sessions to see more of Stevie Cruz Photography examples.

Southern California Family Backlit Picture ideas Southern California Family Backlit Pictures

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