selfless acts of kindness 2017 session giveaway

“together we can change the world, one good deed at a time.”


One of my favorite talks with my kids is about being kind to others. Why do I say this? Because being kind starts with leading by example for my kids. I try hard to speak kind, act kindly and teach about kindness in everyday tasks with my little ones. Life is to short to act any-other way. So today is going to start what many call “selfless acts of kindness” giveaway opportunity. I believe kindness is something that is so simple and even better, it’s free! 

This will be my first year to start the annual tradition (and heck if well received I may do it more than once a year) of a giveaway, a free photography session by holding a contest of some sort…

I want that free photo session to go to someone who you choose. I want to encourage selflessness, servanthood and kindness. I want you to tell me about someone or a family you know that deserves this portrait session. Someone that gives of themselves and expects little in return. Or someone who has lost much and needs happiness in their life to bring them up.  

I will announce the winner on social media on January 15th, 2017.  Sessions will be held within 30 miles of 92887 

Please fill out the FORM HERE to nominate a deserving person or family


  • Must be within 50 miles of zip code 92887.
  • Portrait session will consist of 1-hour portrait session at location of photographer’s choice ($800 value)
  • Date of photo session will be scheduled with the winner once announced.
  • Winners will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter.

selfless acts of kindness 2017

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