Orange County Family Pictures

I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this sweet Orange County family picture session with you all!

It was such a pleasure to be able to do this session, and I think the results are beautiful. I enjoy capturing sibling pictures, the giggly shots, even the serious shots. For these sessions, I am a huge fan of just letting the kids do their own thing- and by that, I mean let them lead the way, let them interact and be themselves. I think the best pictures are the candid ones, the real life moments. One of the most beautiful things about photography is the ability to look back on the photos and be able to feel as though you are still in that moment.

So often, we wish we could freeze time and live in a moment forever. Through pictures, we can go back and feel like we are still in the moment, and I believe this is such a beautiful thing. That’s why I don’t pose the kids- it is best to shoot a session naturally, this way you can look back and relive the moment, remember as it really was. One I thing I love about sunset sessions is the gorgeous natural glow, the sunshine really reflects the warmth and feel of these sessions.

Here at Stevie Cruz Photography, we would like to make things as easy for you as possible, so we can help you style the clothing for your Orange County Family Picture session. Additionally, we have a makeup and hair artist in studio to make you feel perfect and beautiful. We also have a large array of simple props, accessories, and clothing for you to choose from if desired. This session was taken in Yorba Linda in an outdoor setting near my studio in Anaheim Hills.

To give the gift of freezing time to yourself or a loved one, contact me via email or phone!


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