One Year Baseball Pictures Professional Family Photographer

One Year Baseball Pictures by professional family photographer Stevie Cruz were captured in Tustin California.

This sweet baseball session was a grand slam- literally! I am in love with the outcome of the theme and expressions in these pictures and the love it shows between these brothers. These twin boys were so much fun.

Anaheim Hills family photographerMilestone sessions are some of my favorite because of the creative themes we usually bring out for them. I love the vintage baseball idea in this and its such a classic boy pastime. This just makes the One Year Baseball Pictures professional family photographer session that much better! Another big part of these pictures is the outfit coordination between them, clothing was provided by Stevie Cruz Photography studio. The props are perfect ties everything in. best family photographer best family photographer southern california best family professional photographer

This famous warm Southern California sun does wonders for our outdoor photography sessions. The sun makes everything better; that glow and burst of warmth and happiness.

The outfit changes are also refreshing in these pictures so we have some new cute things to look at and find new aspects of the session. These twin boys looked so handsome in their suspenders, dress pants and baseball outfits!

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One big thing in these pictures you will notice is that I didn’t pose the babies. I like to let them do their own thing and capture the creativity and happiness that comes along with it. Often times when we look back and see the memories we made with our little ones, it’s memories of playing with them and just having a carefree time and remembering what makes them smile the most- so why pose them?


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